Unified Continuum
with FRANKLIN, Renyi Ng, Andrew Fernandes,
Catalina Arzani, Fernando Hinze, Shinji 9000, +others

Wednesday, November 22, 6–9pm


UNIFIED CONTINUUM is a re-calibration model of un-intelligence for conscious operating systems, INDETERMINATELY UN-LOCATED at Antarctica 41.1 - 41.2-DAY, metaphysical coordinates 101.01. Here

This continuum has the physical inconsistency of the absence of matter; purposeless, nationless, in constantly shifting stasis, Nameless, formless, UNTITLED + UNMASTERED, yet seemingly codified and governed by the phenomena of this universe 695/ex. 

In this un-amusing un-museum, feel free as un-defined un-scientific un-artistic  un-talented un-inhabitants, { between 0 (zero) and  (infinite) }, to assimilate with a continuously changing un-natural lattice of re-information.  

with FRANKLIN, Renyi Ng, Andrew Fernandes, Catalina Arzani, Fernando Hinze, Shinji 9000, +others

From now to unknown.