Towards Tenderness
A project by Sunny Leerasanthanah and David Lurvey

September 29–October 4, 2017


Reception: Friday September 29, 6–9pm 

Towards Tenderness is a new collaboration between Sunny Leerasanthanah and David Lurvey. It begins with an installation of photographs, texts, and objects crafted and collected over the past two months. This work will serve as a jumping off point to an extended encounter with the experience of tenderness. This space offers the collaboration an opportunity to open doors to an audience of people on many different journeys, to serve as a reminder that everyone shares a fundamental need for moments of closeness and care.  

David Lurvey was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN where much of his family still resides. He studied photography at Ithaca College and now lives in Brooklyn, NY where he has a modest yet growing collection of house plants.

Sunny Leerasanthanah was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and currently lives in Brooklyn. She studied photography and art history at Ithaca College and is now pursuing a MA in Arts Administration at Columbia University. She will animatedly discuss gender theory over coffee any day.

Sunny and David met on a film set in Ithaca, NY where they talked about photobooks. They share a love of techno, laying in parks, and good meals.