Kricket Lane
Prepositions All the Way Down

September 15, 2018–October 28, 2018
Reception: Saturday, September 15, 6–9pm


Oh, how we speak to the creaturely! In Kricket Lane's surreal visual world, it's in a series of half-Imperative, partly-cooing ask-commands: sculptural portmanteaus of nature- and human-made, inspired by her love for and interactions with her dog. Human-to-animal being intra-relations have long been fodder for thought. Jacques Derrida considered his nude self before his cat, Donna Haraway probes the bonds of our canine companions’ “significant otherness,” and Hélène Cixous’ poor, noble dog Fips became zoomorphically emblematic for the wounds of colonialism and anti-Semitism.

Derrida coined animot to linguistically replace the unnuanced animal; a written bridge to encapsulate the spirit and multitudinousness contained within critters. Lane’s work dwells in that same border crossing of partnership between species and the magnificent and mundane. It’s apt that her work has included comb teeth and grill grates. More uncanny objects: A shell-like husk trimmed with an infinity-curve of faux shearling; a branch simulacra is topped off with a sheep duster; a pair of green socks, delicately carved, become treasure.

Animal and human creatures share so much, from suffering to mortality and love. That relationship, constantly modified by and with the other, is at the heart of these works. In this ethical alterity, each thing or encounter is more than simply a tool or function. We come up hard on the big metaphysical truth of interdependence: we’re one, many, and in our force dynamics, cannot be left unchanged.

– Yin Ho

Kricket Lane (b.1985, BFA Smith College) is an artist based in New York City and Hudson, NY working primarily in sculpture. Her work has been shown in New York at Signal, Unisex Salon, 321 Gallery, RK Projects at Shoot the Lobster, The Smile Face Museum, Molasses Books, and in a solo presentation Emotional Facelift at Weekend Projects; other group shows include Hammock Gallery and 356 Mission in Los Angeles, CA and The Range in Saguache, Colorado. She has had two editions published by Psychiania: Self-Help Aesthetics and Lies. Lane is also co-creator of No Notice, a nomadic exhibition series. She recently completed a residency at Centre Pompadour in Ercourt, France. Forthcoming is a book of her work published by Maga Books (New York). 

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