organized by Anastasia Kolas

March 14–17, 2018

Anastasia Kolas,  midtown wish pearl .

Anastasia Kolas, midtown wish pearl.

Reception: Wednesday March 14, 6–9pm

Heather Anne Halpert
Ruth Höflich
Anastasia Kolas

Inset brings together three independent works by Heather Anne Halpert, Ruth Höflich and Anastasia Kolas, each tuning to the malleability of a produced environment. Awareness tracks with a delay, while the senses are ordered, solidified by unseen forces into habits of subtle leveling and filtering, on repeat. 

Dyslexia, a condition commonly found amongst artists, is a physical manifestation of doubling, a power and fragility. A dyslexic vision is the result of an unordered flow of visual information to the brain with no dominant eye to sequence the avalanche of perception. The body receives everything at once, simultaneously, overlapped. 

Peripheral, embedded, glimpse at a glance: Inset is a lopsided diptych in a room, video wraparound as sculpture dressed up to audition for a play in three parts. The play bill promises a dramatic reenactment of pre-set, side-effect and agency. Roger Caillois describes dissymmetry as the accidental cut or break in an established symmetry. It is by definition transient, a moment of change into something new. 

Strung together across two channels, the video works invite the viewers to revisit their daily entanglement within the visual and sensory flow. 

March 15–17: 12–6pm